Say Yes Studio is a full service photography, styling, art direction, video production, and influencer marketing consulting house. We've produced content for and consulted with brands like Old Navy, Target, IKEA, Blue Diamond Almonds, The Home Depot, GODIVA, Minted, Zappos, and Williams Sonoma for over a decade in the San Francisco bay area. 

Here are some ways we can work together:
LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHY + STYLING. We've been working with brands to create content for over a decade in the digital marketing space.  Photography, styling, art direction and video are produced in house in our Say Yes studio. With 13 years experience in the space, we know what kinds of images will showcase and spark meaningful conversation on your channels around your marketing campaign.

EDITORIAL CONTENT + SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING. Publishing for over a decade at, we’ve not only garnered millions of avid readers worldwide, but also loyal household brands who come back again and again for high quality photography and creative brand integration packages into high quality and thoughtful content and influence. 
With and social media channels, we have over 5 million monthly viewers of highly engaged and thoughtful women between the ages of 25 and 45. Work on Say Yes has received dozens of awards in the digital marketing space, including the Best Branded Video in the 2013 Content Marketing Awards. Work on Say Yes has also been featured by publications like San Francisco Chronicle, Martha Stewart, Huffington Post, and Elle Magazine to name a few.  In a recent survey, 93% of Say Yes readers felt that brand inclusion was appropriate or very appropriate. 96% say they have purchased something endorsed by Say Yes. Here are links to our publishing platforms: 
INFLUENCER MARKETING CONSULTING. Want to work with social media influencers and not sure where to begin? We've worked with big brands like Target in planning influencer retreats and influencer strategy, to small startups looking to understand the influencer marketing space. Working together, we can customize and coordinate the best influencer marketing strategy for your business. 
We can help with: long term social media strategy, understanding best practices in working with influencers, how to curate a targeted list of partners, creating a long term social media strategy, help formulate campaign details and creative briefs, and understand pricing structures and reporting.

“There's a reason I come back to Liz and her team time and time again. Her creativity, commitment and professionalism makes her a dream to work with. She is a natural at integrating brand messaging with engaging content and beautiful imagery. I am always thrilled with the results". -RACHEL from OLLY
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